Lions of the North!

I talked about funding at length in another article, and it’s worth mentioning that Kickstarter has become a haven for funding games. One particularly promising, original game is Lions of the North, a post-post-apocalyptic game with a fantastic take on humanity might turn out.

Lions of the North is a roleplaying game that takes place in the future after the destruction of our current civilization. New nations and states have appeared in Northern Europe, struggling for their place in the sun. The new nations have abandoned the dead past and have embraced equality in a way our society hasn’t. Racism and sexism are things of the past.

The nobles of Peimar, the traders of Kirkoslet and the despots of Hanö are all seeking fortune and power. The pirates of Bornholm seek to gain wealth by raiding merchant vessels and the Gotlanders try to keep control of their island when the great powers of the age start encroaching on their territory. It’s The Age of Lions, and it means means that anyone is free to carve out their own destiny on land or at sea. It’s an age of free women and men, an age where your birth and gender don’t mean anything, having a strong swordarm or a cunning mind means a lot more.

Beyond this struggle, mythical creatures and strange magic appears on the new frontier. What are the dark forests hiding and are you brave enough to find out?

I really like the idea, and Kemper’s blog puts out some more fantastic details about his setting and system. Please support this awesome project by pledging!

2 thoughts on “Lions of the North!

  1. logicalphallacy says:

    Indie GoGo and Kickstarter have really revolutionized cottage industries. While I cannot say for sure if they are good for a hobby or hurt it (since its very obviously too soon to tell), its still a neat way to get a business going while eschewing traditional startup capitalization

  2. It looks like Kickstarter is on pace to distribute more than $150M in funding this year, which is more than the National Endowment for the Arts.

    As for Lions of the North, I’m a sucker for post-apocalypse stuff, so I it took me about 27 seconds to decide to support the project.

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